February 03, 2017

New Platinum Century Lilas

Platinum launches a new addition to their #3776 Century NICE series!

The edition is named "LILAS" featuring the image of a flower.

The Nice series is inspired by the renowned city from southern France's Côte d' Azur. This city is blessed with a mild climate, with pouring radiant sunlight something that is expressed through the fountain pen's body.

The city's pouring radiant sunlight is expressed through the fountain pen's resin transparent body which features a sandblasted finish with cut grooves at precise angles.

The name LILAS, means lilac in French, using for pink gold metal trims with a pale pink body to evoke the image of the flower. This flower symbolizes friendship, innocence, memories of adolescent, first love, pride and beauty.

The first 2000 fountain pens are Limited Edition coming with a blotter card which includes a serial number.

The fountain pen comes in an exclusive packaging with a chrome plating converter and blue black ink cartridge.